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Our Mission

We create transformative, real-world opportunities for youth through teaching critical life skills, promoting personal growth and connecting youth to mentors, their communities and meaningful employment.

Our Vision

We envision a world in which young people have the skills and understanding to enrich themselves, their communities and the planet through healthy lifestyles, meaningful work and participation in a more just and sustainable economy.

Our Story

Trellis for Tomorrow began as part of Triskeles Foundation in 2002/03, and youth programming was one part of the larger organization that also provided philanthropic services and donor-advised funds. Youth programming expanded so significantly that in 2009, Triskeles Foundation split into two separate 501(c) (3) organizations: Triskeles Foundation and Triskeles, Inc.

As our youth programming has continued to expand, Triskeles Inc. has become Trellis for Tomorrow in 2018, with its new name reflecting the mission of supporting youth, communities and the planet. We develop skills for learning, career and job skills, healthy lifestyles and social responsibility. They are designed to build a community of responsible citizens creating sustainable lifestyles for themselves and their community. Trellis for Tomorrow facilitates and encourages youth to participate in their own self development and to find sustainable solutions to today’s problems. Our approach is characterized by a few key qualities:

  • Holistic: Trellis’ experiential education teaches to the whole child, engaging the head, the heart and the hand for true, long-term impact.
  • Integrative: Trellis programs work at the intersection of health, poverty, youth development and economic opportunity with programming based on understanding the interdependence of these social factors.
  • Linked to the real world: Trellis teaches through experience, providing opportunities in real world settings and in real-life situations.
  • Affords long exposure to values: Trellis’ programs include youth from first through twelfth grade; returning each year to a Trellis program provides long-term exposure to the values of sustainability, self-reliance and collaboration.

Our Values


As individuals, we must cultivate wellness of body and spirit.


As community members, we must practice collaboration.


We must be mindful and exercise stewardship of resources at all levels.


We seek to discover new and innovative approaches and solutions to challenges.

The Staff

Lisa Faranda
Chief Operating Officer

Bob Steininger
Director of Chester County Youth Programs

Hannah Davis
Director of Montgomery County Youth Programs

David Ryle
Director, Food For All

Annie Kuras
Administrative Assistant

The Support Staff

Anne Ayecock

Carmen Maciarello

Mark Birdsall

Todd Morris

Alita Murray

Summer Teamleaders

The Board

Ray Schneider, President
Ray Schneider Consulting
Management and Operations Consulting Principal

Razvan Ionescu, Vice President
Citizens Bank
Vice President – Global Markets

Alex Lutz, Treasurer 
The Vanguard Group, Inc.
Investment Steward

Tessa Henry, Secretary
U.S. Department of State
U.S. Foreign Service Officer

Algreen Bakasa, Member
The Vanguard Group, Inc.
Manager, Vanguard ETF Model Portfolios

Isaac Jones, Member
Merrill Lynch
Financial Advisor

Laura La Rosa, Member
Director of Client Development
Managing Director

Ryan McKenzie, Member
Comcast Cable
Senior Counsel

Lekha Rao, Member
General Motors/EDS/HP
Integration Practice Leader & Enterprise Architect (Retired)