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Trellis Engages Youth

Please stand with us in ENGAGING more YOUTH as we move forward!


A record 160 students attended the Tempus Conference this year.

Hark, the Harlequins are Closing In!

Mid-August is about the time of year when we really begin to see the Harlequin bug show up in our gardens. Widespread in Southern regions, Philadelphia and Chester County are about as far North as this pernicious pest has managed to establish itself. The Harlequin bug is about the size and shape of a stink

SAP America Hosts Garden Olympics

Weeds shriveled! Bugs scurried! The compost pile flipped its lid! Triskeles was thrilled to help organize the first ever Garden Olympics at SAP America on August 16th. SAP America held its largest Take Your Child To Work Day, with nearly 300 young people in attendance. There were many opportunities to learn about how “The Future

When the Saints Come Mulching In

Saint-Gobain is putting down new roots and reaching new heights at its North American headquarters in Malvern. In the spring of 2017, the company partnered with Triskeles in an effort to address food insecurity in our region. As the newest member of the Food For All program, Saint-Gobain worked with Triskeles to establish a large

Saint-Gobain Earns Impact Award

Triskeles is pleased to present Saint-Gobain with its Initial Impact award. This special recognition highlights and celebrates Saint-Gobain for the company’s outstanding achievement during their first year in partnership with Triskeles and the Food For All program network. In the spring of 2017, the Saint-Gobain Foundation worked with Triskeles to establish an attractive 20-bed garden