Trellis for Tomorrow’s
Annual Garden Challenge

Together, we can build stronger, more resilient communities.

What is the Garden Challenge?

The Garden Challenge aims to raise public awareness about the many benefits of community gardens and also provides funding the work needed to support their growth and expansion year over year.

The idea is simple – participating gardens create a custom fundraising page and work within their network to raise funds. Think ‘battle of the gardens’ (because a little friendly competition is always fun).

At its core, the Garden Challenge is a fun and collaborative way for members of the community to support Trellis for Tomorrow and its programs. By donating to the Garden Challenge, you’re contributing to the growth and sustainability of community gardens, preserve green space, and feed the community.

Why Support a Garden?

Community gardens play a vital role in fostering vibrant and sustainable communities. These green spaces offer numerous benefits that extend far beyond the garden’s boundaries.


Supporting Community Gardens: Where Will Your Funds Go?

Food for All

An organic garden initiative engaging corporations, nonprofits, and municipalities. Trellis for Tomorrow designs and installs raised bed gardens, offers stewardship plans, and educates volunteers. Partners commit half their harvest to local pantries, aiding food assistance.

SEED Skills

SEED Skills is a program for youth ages 13-18 to sharpen their leadership, communication, and work skills while learning to manage an organic community garden. In addition to learning new skills, they deliver healthy, nutritious produce to surrounding communities.

GROW Careers

The GROW Careers Program connects 16-24-year-olds with nonprofits and social impact businesses. It offers paid work experiences, fostering skill development and introducing youth to local leaders, kickstarting their career journey.

How to Get Involved in the Garden Challenge as a Supporter

Become a Garden Captain

Complete the interest form to create a garden fundraiser page and start collecting donations from your network to support your local Trellis for Tomorrow community garden.

Support a Garden

Search for a Garden Challenge team to support them with a donation. Every dollar truly counts and goes directly to support Trellis for Tomorrow and your community!

Spread the Word

Help spread the message of the Garden Challenge. Share our campaign on social media or encourage others to get involved. Together, we can make an impact!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Annual Garden Challenge?

The Annual Garden Challenge is a fundraising initiative organized by Trellis for Tomorrow to support its mission of fostering compassion and resilience in people and inspiring them to build sustainable communities. Garden supporters are invited to spread the word about their garden site and raise funds through this peer-to-peer fundraising initiative.

Who can participate in the Annual Garden Challenge?

Participation is open to all individuals who support Trellis for Tomorrow’s mission and are committed to raising funds for the organization’s initiatives. Team Owners must be associated with a Trellis for Tomorrow Food for All Partner Garden or be approved by Trellis for Tomorrow if not associated with a partner garden.

How can I start a team for the Annual Garden Challenge?

To start a team for the Annual Garden Challenge, you need to complete the Garden Captain Interest form. This form will gather essential information and help us create your team fundraising page. Once you’ve submitted the form, our staff will get in touch with you to guide you through the process of setting up your team and provide any necessary support.

How will the funds raised through the Annual Garden Challenge be utilized?

All funds raised through the Annual Garden Challenge will go towards Trellis for Tomorrow’s Resilient Communities Fund. This fund supports all Trellis programs and initiatives, helping us achieve our overall mission of building sustainable and resilient communities. The funds are used to develop and expand our programs, including youth educational programming, gardening programming, and food access initiatives.

For non-profit partners that wish to participate in the Garden Challenge, the funds raised, minus 10% for fees and administrative costs, will be disbursed back to the organization. This ensures that the funds raised directly benefit the partner organization’s programs and align with their specific mission and goals.

Can I use Trellis for Tomorrow's branding materials when promoting my fundraising efforts?

Yes, participants are permitted to use Trellis for Tomorrow’s branding materials and approved messaging when promoting their fundraising efforts. Any modifications to the organization’s branding and messaging must be approved in writing by Trellis for Tomorrow’s designated representative.

How can I set a fundraising goal for the Annual Garden Challenge?

Goals can be set by Garden Captains on the team fundraising page. Participants are encouraged to set a fundraising goal that aligns with their capabilities and aspirations. The goal should be reasonable and attainable, considering the participant’s network and available resources.

Can I use an online fundraising platform of my choice?

No, Trellis for Tomorrow will provide participants with an approved online fundraising platform to create team fundraising pages. Participants are required to use the approved platform provided by Trellis for Tomorrow and comply with its terms and conditions.

Can I collect offline donations during my peer-to-peer fundraising efforts?

Yes, Trellis for Tomorrow recognizes that participants may receive offline donations in the form of cash, checks, or other non-electronic means. Offline donations should be submitted directly to Trellis for Tomorrow for accurate tracking and processing.

How should I submit offline donations to Trellis for Tomorrow?

Offline donations, including cash, checks, etc. should be submitted directly to Trellis for Tomorrow as soon as possible. Participants should consult with Trellis for Tomorrow for specific instructions on how and where to submit offline donations.

Can I submit donations through my employer's matching gift program?

Yes, participants with access to employer match programs, such as Benevity or Your Cause, are encouraged to utilize those programs. Participants should follow the guidelines and procedures set forth by their employer and the specific employer match portal.

How will funds be distributed for participants with a valid 501(c)3 determination?

Participants with a valid 501(c)3 determination can choose to have the funds raised returned to their organization, minus 10% for administrative costs, within 60 days of the close of the Garden Challenge. Participants must provide Trellis for Tomorrow with the necessary documentation to validate their 501(c)3 status.

Where can I find additional information or clarification?

For additional information or clarification, please contact Trellis for Tomorrow at or reach out to your designated representative for the Annual Garden Challenge.

Note: This FAQ guide is intended to provide general information and answers to common questions. For specific inquiries or concerns, please refer to the peer-to-peer fundraising policy or contact Trellis for Tomorrow directly.


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