Welcome Citizens Bank Employees!

The Trellis for Tomorrow team is super excited and appreciative that we have been selected as a finalist for your charitable giving contest! Since many of you may not know us, we have come up with the following list of the ten most important reasons why you should vote for us. We are also happy to talk with you and answer any questions about our work and impact. Please feel free to call Jennifer Anderson, our Executive Director, on her direct line at 610-886-4901.

Top 10 Reasons to Vote for Trellis for Tomorrow
1. In 2018, we positively impacted the lives of 1,500 people through our programs
2. Last year we provided 27,000 pounds of nutrient dense, organic produce to underserved individuals and families
3. 170 youth gained business skills at our 2018 Tempus entrepreneurship conference
4. We are building sustainable systems so local communities can grow and consume their own healthy food
5. Our Food for All program provides hundreds of corporate employees with opportunities to garden and give back
6. Youth in our programs have demonstrated uniquely high gains in social and emotional learning compared to other programs
7. Last summer the youth from our Youth Seed Enterprise program hand delivered produce they grew weekly to residents
8. In January, we hired our first non-founder ED who has over 25 years of experience in non profit and for profit management
9. We are 15 years young and poised to create even more sustainable change and positive impact in the next 15!
10. We are cultivating skills, confidence, and connectedness in young citizens so they have a future you can bank on!