A Measured Response to Hunger 

This year, in the midst of a pandemic, Trellis for Tomorrow’s highly impactful Food for All (FFA) program will surpass the 200,000 pounds harvested from our organic gardens throughout the region. This translates to more than 800,000 meals improved through the addition of nutrient-dense foods. 

Since 2012 hundreds of volunteers and gardener champions have logged thousands of hours in our many gardens, and though we only require at least 50% of the harvest gets to neighbors in need, last year 95% of the harvest from our FFA sites was delivered to 43 partnering agencies, food pantries, and food banks to community members struggling with hunger, food insecurity and malnourishment.  

The only reason we can share these incredible things with you is due to the diligent recording and reporting of our FFA partners and garden champions. We ask that our partners and participants in the Food for All program submit data regularly through the FFA weekly reporting form. {Detailed instructions are provided at the bottom of this post.} 

In addition to letting us see the impact of this important program and where we can improve, it also provides purpose, encouragement and inspiration to our gardeners, partners, supporters and funders.  

Because of the careful recording and reporting of our partners and participants, Trellis has secured sponsorships and other funding to expand this effort into communities with limited resources. This measured response to hunger and food insecurity is having an immeasurable impact. Thank you! 

If you are interested in becoming a Food for All partner or learning more about the program and benefits, visit https://trellis4tomorrow.org/food-for-all/ or contact David Ryle at dryle@trellis4tomorrow.org.

FFA Partners and Participants – Regular Reporting Requirements  

If you are actively engaged in a Food for All garden, we ask you to keep track of a few simple numbers: 

  • Number of volunteers engaged in the garden 
  • Number of hours logged by volunteers during garden related activities 
  • Number of pounds harvested  
  • Number of pounds donated (and who to) 

We encourage each of our Food for All partners to keep a simple clipboard in or near their garden or garden shed where participants can log any/all of the required info whenever in the garden.  

Each week (or so), you or your garden data manager can submit the information to Trellis via our handy-dandy FFA Reporting Form here:  https://trellis4tomorrow.org/food-for-all-submissions/. This link can also be found on our Food for All page at https://trellis4tomorrow.org/.

For weighing produce, we have a couple recommendations. For smaller gardens (up to 20 raised beds) we recommend the use of either a traditional produce scale – though these can be more expensive than you might think – or a convenient, economical option is a simple digital scale from which you can hang a bag or other container with freshly harvested produce. A good example is HERE. For larger gardens (more than 20 beds) we recommend a digital platform scale onto which larger quantities of produce in bags or bins can be placed and weighed. HERE is one we have found to be durable and accurate.  

For getting your produce to people who need it, we can provide key information on more than 45 partnering agencies throughout the region working with food insecure communities. For a list of agencies in your area, contact Grace Hardy at ghardy@trellis4tomorrow.org.