Green Career Pathways

“The internship at Sodexo gave me a huge jump start in the real world during and after high school. Soon after graduation, I gained a full-time job at Sodexo in catering in Malvern, PA at a young age. Rather than going to college undeclared, struggling about what I want to do, I have gained more knowledge to help me find a strong, reliable path to begin.”

Participant, Green Career Pathways

Green Career Pathways in Chester County offers youth an introduction to and preparation for the job market through pre-internship training and paid internship placements. Pre-internship training prepares youth for the workplace by teaching a variety of hard and soft skills, from communication and time management to accountability and problem solving. It is followed by a paid internship at a site that matches the interests of the interns as closely as possible, offering them a chance to explore a career interest. Following the internship, we work with participants to help them take their next step – to further education, training or into the workforce.

Green Career Pathways Program Tools: Leadership, Eco-literacy, Employment, Agriculture, Entrepreneurship, Community & Youth Philanthropy


Bob Steininger
Director, Chester County Youth Programs