Side By Side

“I recently ran into Eduardo P. and he remembered me from when he was little and came to Side by Side. He said he really loved coming to the Saturday events and to Camp and was wondering if I was still doing the program. When I told him yes, he asked me to contact him so he could be a mentor.”

Anne Aycock, Side by Side Program Coordinator

Side by Side activity days take place on six Saturdays during the school year. Activities emphasize eco-literacy and support learning by building social and academic skills and stimulating curiosity. Supervised and led by the adult instructor, each child has a teen mentor assisted by a junior mentor, and together they participate in activities that may include cider pressing, cooking and baking, seasonal crafts, garden activities and regular visits to the animals at the adjacent farm. Storytelling, drama, singing, creative projects and poetry round out the day.

Side by Side Program Tools: Health, Eco-literacy, Leadership & Teen Mentors


Bob Steininger
Director of Chester County Youth Programs