Youth Environmental Stewardship

Youth Environmental Stewardship (YES) has had an incredible impact since inception. Beginning in 2022, Trellis will be incorporating the best elements of our environmental stewardship work into our comprehensive and dynamic youth programming. To learn more or to apply, visit

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Youth Environmental Stewardship

Youth Environmental Stewardship (YES) is a program that focuses on fostering a deep and meaningful connection between teens and nature, creating a sense of responsibility towards protecting our natural spaces and resources. It is through these connections we hope to cultivate the next generation of land stewards. During the program, YES youth work on a variety of conservation projects at local preserves and communities, including planting trees, trail maintenance and construction, installation of water bars and other erosion control techniques, removing old fences and invasive species, and general beautification. Expert leaders from Trellis help the youth to make connections between the work being done at the local level to the bigger picture of how it impacts the global environment.


Yards of trails improved

Trees planted

Feet of fence removed

Bridges Built

Spring/Summer 2021 Highlights!

Spring 2021 YES Cohort

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