GROW Careers Crew

Formerly Youth Leadership Extension (YLE)

Matching youth with meaningful work experiences at local organizations.

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GROW Careers Crew

The GROW Careers Program pairs young people aged 16-24 with regional nonprofits and social impact businesses to provide meaningful, paid work experiences. These experiences range from 60 to 160 working hours with additional opportunities for mentoring and professional development. Internships are primarily located in Montgomery and Chester Counties, Pennsylvania (Lenapehoking).

The GROW Careers Program has paired over two dozen interns with mission-driven organizations since its inception in 2019. We have strong connections with community groups, nonprofits, social enterprises, schools, religious organizations, and governmental agencies. This program supports young people at the beginning of their career journey, introducing them to a network of local leaders and allowing them to learn new skills.

Program Details

Interns are recruited and interviewed by our staff, then matched with a work opportunity. Throughout the program (and beyond), Trellis for Tomorrow provides additional support and training.  

There are three options for participants in the GROW Careers Program:  

Option A – a 6-week program of 10 hours/week for a total of 60 hours*  

Option B – an 8-week program of 20 hours/week for a total of 160 hours 

Option C – a 4-week program of 15 hours/week for a total of 60 hours  

*those aged 16-17 are encouraged to apply with Option A. 

If offered a position, the intern has the final decision on their placement.  Start and end dates are determined based on the needs and availability of both the intern and the host.  

Please note: for both hosts and interns, applying does not guarantee placement. 

Matching Young Talent to Local Needs

Trellis works to make the program as efficient and effective as possible for our inters and the host sites.  Interested youth aged 16-24 submit an application to Trellis for Tomorrow. A Trellis staff member will interview the applicant to better understand their skills and career interests. Prospective intern hosts undergo a similar application and interview process. The combination sets the stage for Trellis staff to match interns and hosts with similar interests or needs. Once we think we have found a match, prospective hosts conduct their own interviews with aligned interns, and, if accepted, the intern chooses their final placement.

Ongoing Mentorship and Support

The professional development workshop series is comprised of two tracks:

1. those who are looking to lay their career foundation

2. those who want to build the next step on their career ladder

From creating a LinkedIn profile to building a portfolio, we meet interns where they are in their career journey. Staff meet regularly with both the intern and host to ensure smooth and mutually beneficial experiences.

After the intern successfully completes the GROW Careers Program, they are invited to celebrate at the annual Networking Mixer and are invited to the Trellis for Tomorrow alumni group, a space where we continue to share resources and opportunities.

Read the Impact Report.

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Accepting Applications

Past Mentorship Projects

  • building a web-based chat bot  
  • compiling a three-county resource guide of social services and community support groups 
  • community engagement at farmers’ markets and community events  
  • grant-writing and research  
  • organizing a 5k fundraiser  
  • agricultural training at nearby farms and arboretums 

Where the Placements Happen:

Since the inception of this program in 2020, we have connected GROW interns with the following organizations:

Ann’s Heart in Phoenixville, PA

Coffee Closet in Norristown, PA

Green Allies in Pottstown, PA

Orion Communities  in Phoenixville, PA

Innovation Training & Consulting

Pottstown Area Health and Wellness Foundation in Pottstown, PA

Trellis for Tomorrow in Phoenixville, PA

Coffee Closet with Barista Jake in Norristown

Pottstown Area Health and Wellness Foundation, Pottstown

Innovation Training & Consulting, Ambler 

Check out what our participants and hosts
had to say about their experiences:

Our Participants:
“I definitely feel more confident going to college and knowing I’ll be able to use what I learned in the future for networking and internships & jobs. Additionally, I felt supported and comfortable throughout the entire internship process from the very start – even before being matched” – Angela, intern at Innovation Training & Consulting

“I appreciated having a resource that helped me better myself in the professional sense, with advice and mentors I can turn to with questions… I enjoyed getting to meet other individuals around my age and in similar situations to me. It made me feel less anxious about my future. I think most of the benefit I received from the program that I received is general advice about how to conduct myself in the professional setting.” Sebastian, intern at Trellis for Tomorrow

“I had a wonderful experience, felt very welcomed and confident enough to try new things when applicable. I couldn’t come up with any improvements because it was great!” – Abbey, intern at Green Allies


Our Hosts:
“Outstanding experience with Trellis. Bob was a great partner…Loved and appreciated this opportunity, and I look forward to a shared, cooperative future!”
Sean H., Executive Director, Barnstone Art for Kids

“[Abbey] fit right in and now is a member of this year’s student leadership team, working with 16 other high school students from 4 schools. The placement was perfect! Thank you.” – Ken H., Green Allies

Learn more about our partner organizations! 

 Interested in Hosting?

GROW Careers Program hosts receive assistance from a young person with fresh ideas and perspectives, while being supported by Trellis on matching, evaluation, and sponsorship. Contact for more information.

Host requirements:

 – Nonprofit, B Corp, or social impact/mission-driven for-profit organizations

 – Must have 2+ employees

 – Site cannot be solely within a personal residence

 – 10-mile radius, approximately, of Phoenixville or Pottstown, unless fully remote

Currently, we are not focused on recruiting for summer camp counselor positions.


Because Trellis for Tomorrow SEED Skills youth programs are supported in part by federal funds, our participants are guaranteed certain rights by law. All of these rights, along with related grievance/complaint procedures, can be found in these documents.

1. Participant Rights and Grievance Procedures

2. Equal Opportunity Notice

3. Sexual Harassment Policy

4. Participant Civil Rights

Trellis for Tomorrow also has its own version of Equal Opportunity policies and grievance procedures. For a full copy of Trellis’s anti-harassment and discrimination policy, including grievance procedures, please click here. Should you require a translation of this document into another language or an audio version, or have questions or concerns, please reach out to our Executive Director at 610-886-4901. Thank you.

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