November 2021 Newsletter

by | Nov 30, 2021

Growing in New Ways with Trellis for Tomorrow

Thank YOU for making October Amazing!

Thank you so much to everyone who supported Trellis youth during the Amazing Raise! Your generous donations, social media likes and shares, word of mouth, and good vibes helped us to raise $18,102.46 in support of Youth Seed Enterprise! This will cover almost 10% of the total cost to run the program. YSE Fall just came to an end we’re already looking ahead to an even more IMPACTFUL 2022 thanks to you!

Who Doesn’t Love a Great Recipe this time of year?!

Check out our recent blog post for some tasty fall recipes! We’ll be sharing more this month, including some special recipes from Trellis youth participants, so stay in touch and check back for blog updates! Have a garden vegetable recipe you’d like to share? We’d love to hear from you!

With the colder weather comes the end of our 2021 youth program season!

Youth Seed Enterprise Fall came to a close this weekend. The youth came together to rebuild the raised beds at Don Coppedge Village (formerly called Fairview Village) and then celebrated an amazing three seasons by presenting donations to Ann’s Heart and CCLU. We are so proud that the YSE youth decided to donate a portion of money they collected from the families receiving garden produce to two local charities.

Youth Leadership Extension internships also came to a close. This year Trellis placed 9 interns in local social impact organizations. Like last year, one of our talented interns landed a permanent position at the end of the internship!

November Garden Tip: Cover your soil for the winter!

Winter weather brings rain and snow, high winds, and harsh temperatures. These can all contribute to erosion and degradation of your soil. One remedy is to have some organic material on top of your garden beds to protect it. Using leaves can be a great, cost-effective way to cover that soil. Make sure you hose them down after applying or they can blow away with blustery fall breezes.

Compost and straw will also work wonders to keep your soil protected. In a pinch, you can also use landscape fabric, or an old blanket or cloth will also work to cover the soil. We would caution against using woodchips as they can take a long time to break down and can change the soil chemistry in the process. Feel free to submit questions to us on social media!

Read the full November tips and tricks blog post, and find other great resources here:

Roots & Shoots: the Trellis for Tomorrow Blog

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