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Our Programs

If you were building a house, you’d want to use the right tools. If the youth we serve are going to build a better world, these are the tools we believe they will need.



Being equipped with understanding to make the best decisions for personal well-being in all its expressions: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social. We offer opportunities for program participants to make healthier choices by exposing them to new environments and new ways of thinking.


Cultivating a vocabulary around the key concepts that support our ecosystem and our world, as well as the realities which threaten them. We work to enrich and enliven the broader conversation by sowing the seeds of sustainability, conservancy and the responsible stewardship of natural resources.


Having the vision for a better world and the ability to inspire others towards teamwork by example-setting. Our programs provide opportunities for participants to practice leadership by being the change they want to see.


Through extensive partnerships, we help to arrange internships which create transformative experiences and open new doors. We aim to improve the likelihood for gainful, meaningful employment for the youth we serve by helping them to draft and build their resumes, as well as developing the skills needed for interviewing well.


Through real-world exposure and plenty of hard work, our program participants learn more about local solutions for our food system and the challenges posed by food insecurity.

Teen Mentors

We learn by doing, and we ask our young people to continue their own development by sharing what they’ve learned and being an example for younger participants.


Our programs tap into the latent creativity and ingenuity of our young people, and help them explore the possibilities of starting new ventures. With access to a network of established business leaders and the chance to develop their own gifts, our young people are inspired to make their own mark on the world.


Through team-building, conflict resolution, group projects and activities that focus on cooperation, we hope to lay a foundation for a healthier community and a more civil society.

Youth Philanthropy

By providing our youth with opportunities to give back with their own earnings, we work to instill the idea that resources flow not only to them, but through them as well, and hope to raise leaders who look for opportunities to invest in healthier communities.

Food For All

Tempus Youth Conference

Youth Environmental Stewardship

Youth Seed Enterprise