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“Thank you SO MUCH for inviting us to this conference! It was fantastic! The kids got so much out of the day- and so did I! The sessions were interesting and interactive, and the speakers were true experts. I hope you plan to host it again, and if so, please keep me on the invite list.”

Teacher Attendee


A Virtual Event

Friday, February 5, 2021

In a world filled with uncertainty and rapid change, there is growing need for social awareness, creativity, innovation, resilience, authenticity – the essence of the entrepreneurial spirit. The goal of TEMPUS 2021, our 9th TEMPUS CONFERENCE, is to bring out these qualities in young adults.

TEMPUS is a one-day conference for those interested in learning how approaching life with an entrepreneurial mindset can pave the way for greater success and fulfillment in any path you choose. Join us for an exciting, high-energy day of self-discovery, fascinating speakers, and interactive sessions that will offer practical skills and inspire you to engage in any job with the kind of entrepreneurial spirit that makes a difference in the world.

New this year, Trellis is partnering with Markao Academy, a high caliber educational opportunity for young adults interested in exploring entrepreneurship. We are excited to work with Markao and to have their expertise part of the mix!

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Conference Registration

Click on form below to register for TEMPUS 2020. Every attendee must register.  Teachers who are bringing a class must register themselves and then their students must register individually. This information will be used to accept individuals into the conference Zoom rooms.

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For more information on TEMPUS or how to become a sponsor, contact

Bob Steininger, Program Director, Chester County Youth Programs

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